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Zumba – is it worth it?

Well we are signing up for some advanced skills training and about to add some exciting new Zumba classes to our timetable.

Is it worth it?  Well we think so, and comments like the one below sit well with us.

“I’ve bought into most of the exercise classes since the 80s-aerobics, step-aerobics etc. I am also an ex-runner whose joints are failing. I enjoy Zumba for its variety in pace [No-it isn’t an easy option if you have a good instructor and do it properly]. You can participate at any level you want & it assuages my desire to dance whilst married to a dance refusenik. For those of us into non-competitive but social exercise it is great”.

Beginner Kettlebell classes – starting 27th June

Very much looking forward to the Kettlebell Training Class in our Studio with Ralph Brooks.

You will be taught how to use a kettlebell in the StrongFirst style – sometimes referred to a hardstyle – first introduced to the west by Pavel Tsatsouline. Do not let the macho-sounding name put you off.

Hardstyle kettlebell training is all about good quality technique over quantity. Good technique builds mobility, strength and conditioning with safety above all else. Strength is a skill to be practised. A skill you will practice as you transform your fitness.

Yes, you will find our beginners’ classes challenging and fun. But no, they will not be aerobic, “feel the burn” workout sessions. During each class you will progressively build on the skills introduced at previous sessions as you learn to safely perform three fundamental kettlebell lifts; the Turkish Get-up, the Goblet Squat and the Hardstyle Swing

TOUGH MUDDER 2016 – Supporting CHAS

Only 2 weeks to go until our good friend and loyal member Frank Taylor takes on the grueling Tough Mudder 2016.  Frank will be raising money for CHAS Children’s Hospice – Rachael House in Kinross and we will be collecting money at The Club for this wonderful cause.

Frank has been training hard using our new Synergy 360 Functional Rig with guidance from manager and personal trainer Fraser.  ‘Frank had major surgery on his ankle a few years back after suffering a really bad injury playing Judo’ says Fraser. ‘Its been a challenge to help Frank with the power, balance and agility skills needed for Tough Mudder but his determination and drive to finish the event and raise money for such a good cause has got him through’.

If you would like to donate then pop in to reception at The Club and help Frank raise money for terminally ill Children in Scotland.

“For the laughter we’ve shared, the tears we’ve shed, the love we’ve felt, and the support throughout, we are eternally grateful to all our friends at Rachel House”.