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The Club is Edinburgh’s friendliest fitness studio, where staff care about you and your results. Whether you’re aiming to improve your fitness for sport, boost your general wellbeing or fight off the dreaded middle-age spread, we’ll create a personalised programme for you that matches your needs, ambition and fitness level. With our expert personal trainers you’ll train smarter, stay motivated and see results faster – and enjoy expert personal attention while you do it.

The Club is for everyone. You won’t find many bodybuilders, just people of all ages who enjoy being physically more active and the enhanced sense of wellbeing that comes with it.

Our approach is simple: we help you get more from your training by ensuring that you work smarter, not just harder. Training becomes more personal  and enjoyable, so you keep on coming.


We offer excellent technical facilities, a wide range of classes and treatments and a great team of people to help you. And our price packages are very competitive. Come in and see for yourself how we make it easier for you to enjoy health and fitness. Contact us now on 0131 555 4578. Click here to use our online booking form to book your free introductory session.

George Kerr

George Kerr

Founder Lifestyle coach and personal trainer
Pauline Kerr

Pauline Kerr

Partner Lifestyle coach and personal trainer