Strength Training for Climbers | The Club Edinburgh

Strength Training for Climbers

Introducing new Strength and Resistance training packages specifically designed for Climbers.

With our neighbors Alien 2 just across the road and the Winter months drawing in we have decided to offer 4, 8 or 12 week training blocks specifically designed with Climbers in mind.

We will offer an ‘Introduction to Strength Training‘, a ‘Unilateral Strength‘ block, ‘Base Strength Training‘ for more experienced climbers and an ‘In season, low volume‘ block for climbers looking to increase or maintain strength while still climbing intensely during the season.

With prices starting from only £100 (discount applied for Alien rock members) this is a great opportunity for anyone new to climbing, or for more experienced climbers, to train in a small private gym with the focus entirely on you.

How much? How heavy? How many exercises?

We appreciate that gym training is not something you do instead of climbing, but rather something you do to support climbing. Our goal is to help create better performance and to reduce injury. We will help you improve your training technique and your strength with exercises and drills specific to climbing. You can then combine this fundamental Strength training with regular climbing right next door to each other.  The Club and Alien 2 working together to support you to becoming a better climber.

Discounted gym memberships also available for all Alien 2 card holders.