AbSolution | The Club Edinburgh


What Is ABSolution?

ABSolution is a 30 minute core class. It’s a class that challenges the functional movement within your core.

What Is Involved?
ABSolution uses traditional core exercises as well as dynamic exercise to challenge all core fitness levels. Various exercise options are given so that you are able to adjust the intensity level so that it is right for you and your body.

ABSolution is for anyone looking to increase their fitness and their lifestyle by strengthening the powerhouse of the body–the core.

Before Class
It is normal to feel apprehensive and nervous before your first ABSolution class. Once you have successfully completed the first class a lot of that nervousness will disappear. You are never alone in the class, your fellow classmates and our amazing instructor will guide you through the class.

During the Class
Your first class you will be learning the ropes becoming familiar with the format and the equipment. As well as becoming familiar with the exercises, and learning which intensity option is best for you.

After the Class
You will feel the sense of satisfaction that you have completed your first ABSolution class. As you adjust to the new demands being placed on your core muscles you are likely to experience some muscle soreness.

Remember to talk to the instructor after class. Let them know how your first class went, how you felt and if anything was a challenge for you. The instructor will then be able to make recommendations for your next class.